Benefits of a virtual tattoo

Inkrium can help you eliminate the risk of a regretted tattoo because this can lead to low self confidence and being body consciousness so’ let us help you get your ink right, you may just want to get a set of virtual body art images for your online profile for fun…

We use state of the art wrapping, blending and warping technology to give you the most realistic virtual tattoos in the world!

Unlike downloaded mobile apps we can create full sleeve, leg or back virtual tattoo’s

After you’ve seen your virtual tattoo on your body and you feel confident and committed you can then (if you decide) if you want the real thing.

An Inkrium virtual tattoo will assist your tattoo artist with: spacing, tone, blend, positioning, size and style.

Virtual Tattoo – Cost

Below is a basic guideline of our virtual tattoo price breakdown.
Some prices may differ depending on complexity but we try to stay
true to these prices the best we can.

£5 – SMALL

*One colour and one black & white image per order.

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Top Tech

We’ve invested in top of the range wrapping, blending and wrapping software so you know you’ll be receiving nothing but the best quality!


For that extra piece of mind, if you need to make any changes let us know and we can edit. reposition or re-tone until you’re 100%  satisfied.

No Hassle

You don’t have to download any apps and learn how to edit and pay per tool, send us the image and we do all the hard work for you.

No Bots

Unlike tattoo apps we offer a human touch, we know what looks realistic and can wrap an image around your body keeping the realism and proportion in check.

The First

We are the first company on the market to offer (human crafted) virtual tattoos on your own body! Why do we do this?  Because everyone’s body is different and we transfer your design perfectly to fit yours.

Fast Delivery

No waiting around for a henna or temporary tattoo in the post, we aim to email you back with your virtual tattoos within 7 days.