Welcome to the website of the UK tattoo design and virtual tattoo specialists Inkrium.

We operate in two ways. Firstly as a software service providing virtual tattoo transfers (layovers) to customers showing how their chosen image or design will look on their body. Secondly we offer a custom tattoo design service creating designs tailored to you.

How It Works

Virtual tattoos: We ask customers to fill out our online form and return it together with their preferred tattoo design or image along with a photo of the body area they want to etch. Using cutting-edge software, Inkrium will “wrap” the design around the body area to show you how it will look before going under the needle. For best results customers should send in only quality images rather than low-res. If that particular image does not match well with the body area, such as when covering a hand and fingers, we will seek out (with your permission) alternative similar ones that will work. If a customer is not entirely happy with the first offering we will re-work the tattoo until they are. In extreme cases this may increase the cost.

Custom Designs: We ask customers to fill out our online form and return it with as much detail as possible. We will use your information that you’ve provided to create a tattoo design tailored for you. These will be carried out by our associated company, Custom Tattoo Designs. Customers will first be sent a rough sketch before the detailed artwork is carried out.


Virtual tattoos: cost between £15 and £50. In some cases the cost may exceed £50 depending on the number of images submitted or the complexity of the job. For this service we ask for full payment upfront.

Custom design: services start from £50 Custom Tattoo Design ask for 50 percent upfront and the rest on completion.


Virtual tattoos: Inkrium aims to return your finished virtual tattoo within 48 hours wherever possible.

Protection Policy

Inkrium will initially send the wraparound image etched with our copyright watermark, which will be removed once the customer is happy with the design.


Virtual tattoos: If a customer is unhappy with the look, despite re-modelling, we may offer a full or partial refund, depending on the amount of work involved. However this is down to our discretion.

Custom designs: If you don’t like the rough sketch and decide not to proceed you will receive a full refund of your deposit. However, if you decide to continue with the detailed design deposits are not refundable. You are not required to make full payment until you are 100 per cent happy with the design. You will then be sent a high resolution completed design. Unless prior notice is given, Custom Tattoo Design has a no-refund policy for deposits of customers who fail to communicate within 10 working days of receiving their rough sketch or ongoing design.


All correspondence, images, designs and virtual tattoos will be sent via email.


Inkrium carries out careful checks to ensure none of the images on our website or social media platforms are subject to copyright. If we have mistakenly used a copyrighted picture the image will be removed. However Inkrium cannot be held responsible for images supplied by our customers. Please be sure to source your images from non copyright apps or websites.

Data Sharing

The only time Inkrium shares personal information with a third party is for the custom design service carried out by our associates at Custom Tattoo Design. Otherwise we keep your personal information safe and private.

Words of Caution

Inkrium holds no responsibility for how our virtual tattoos will look when the real tattoo is inked on your body. That is the responsibility of the tattoo artist. There are many excellent artists but please be ensure to carry out all the usual checks and research before choosing one. Be safe, remember tattoos and body piercings carry a risk of infection unless the operator takes appropriate control measures.

Over 18’s only

We will NOT accept any requests form anyone under the age of 18. This website and our services is strictly for OVER 18’s ONLY.