How our virtual tattoo service works

To receive your virtual tattoo just follow these simple steps…

1) Send Image/Design

All we ask is that you provide an image that’s in good quality.

2) Send Body Area

All we ask is that the photo is taken in natural daylight along with being in focus. You also have the option of choosing a body area from our body stock images page.

3) Send Example

SEND Example:
Send a similar tattoo that you like and we can use this to be more accurate when it comes to style, tone, size and location. If you don’t have one just explain it to us instead

4) Hey Presto

Receive your virtual tattoo images, any changes let us know and we’d be happy to accommodate at no extra cost, we want it to be perfect for you.

Once we’ve received your information we will check your images  and email you a quotation. If you’re happy to proceed you can go ahead and place your order. From this point you can sit  back, relax and just be you. We aim to send back virtual tattoos within 7 days.

How our tattoo design service works

To receive your dream design just follow these simple steps…

1) Explain Your Design

Head over to the tattoo design page and click free quote. Give us as much info detail as you can about your perfect tattoo design. This info will then be passed onto a freelance designer who we believe will be best suited to your design requirement’s.

2) Receive Quotation

Once we have found a freelance designer we will then make contact along with a quote. All quotes have a no obligation to buy and are completely free. This final quote includes our contact fee of 15%.

3) Work With a Professional Artist

If you’re happy with your quote simply place an order. You’ll then be paired with an artist that matches the style you’re looking for whom you can have direct contact with.

4) Receive Your Dream Tattoo Design

You’ll work one on one with your artist until your design is everything you dreamed it to be. Once you’re 100% satisfied we will send you your final design in high resolution.