How do you create my virtual design?

Its simple, you send us an image of a design along with the body area (View our body stock images if you prefer) you want the virtual design/tattoo applied too. We will then digitally transfer the design onto the body area you specified using our blending and warping software and then this is saved to a final image. So you will have a before and after set of images.

What do I need to send or upload?

All we ask is you provide us with good high quality images of both your design idea and your body area via our upload form, Please use a good quality camera or phone to do so, If it is a tricky angle ask a friend or family member to take it for you. The better the images the  better the results. Or you could simply just select the body area from our body stock images.

What if I don't like my virtual design?

We will work with you until you are completely satisfied. So far we’ve only had positive feedback and we want to keep it that way.

I can see pricing for virtual tattoos but I can’t find pricing for tattoo designs?

As each design is custom designed for you by a freelance artist, it’s hard to give you an accurate price the artist seeing the size and complexity of the design you require. Rest assured, once you’ve filled out our tattoo design form and we have all the information we need we will then reach out to a freelance designer and email you your free quotation.

How long will it take to complete my tattoo design?

The freelance designer will discuss timeframes with your once your happy to proceed.

What do I receive when I purchase a custom tattoo design?

High-Definition full scale images in presentation format.

These can be sent via email or the post.

Can you help me with cover ups?

Of course! We can help with cover ups for both virtual tattoos and tattoo designs. Just make sure to upload images of your existing tattoos when filling out our form.